Live Independently, But Get Help When You Need It.

Personal Emergency Response System provide peace of mind

The Vector Security® Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) provides peace of mind and protection for you or a loved one. In the event of a medical emergency, PERS calls for help at the push of a button on your medical pendant.

  • The PERS system can be worn on your wrist, as a pendant around your neck or on a keychain so help is always accessible.
  • When you push the “Help” button, you’ll be immediately connected to a trained Monitoring Center operator any time of day.
  • Our system also includes pre-recorded voice messages to remind you of important daily tasks, like taking your medication.

How a Personal Emergency Response System Works

If you or your loved one has a medical condition and live alone, or are left alone for periods of time, Vector Security® can protect your safety with our Personal Emergency Response System. You're never alone when you need help.

Here’s how PERS works:

  • Push the “Help” button on your wristband, necklace or keychain.
  • Your medical speakerbox is activated.
  • A Monitoring Center operator answers your call in a matter of seconds.
  • Tell the operator what your emergency is.
  • The operator summons the appropriate help and notifies people on your emergency contact list.

To learn more about how PERS can help you live independently,  contact a Vector Security® expert now.

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