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Energy Management

Imagine the convenience of controlling the temperature and lights in your home from anywhere…whether you’re on vacation, out to dinner, or staying late at work. With energy management solutions, this your energy use at its most convenient.
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Energy Management in Action

Manage your home energy use – lights and thermostats – and save on utility costs while still keeping your home protected. Control or set temperatures and lighting that coincide with your lifestyle…and do it all from the Vector Security App.

Energy Management Features & Benefits

  • Save on energy costs by creating customized schedules for your lighting and thermostat that work best for your lifestyle. 
  • Remotely adjust your thermostat or instantly turn your lights on or off, or sync them with your security system.
  • Get real-time alerts when a thermostat setting has changed.
  • Set automatic mobile alerts for lighting triggers, for example, when motion is detected.

For home energy management solutions, contact us Vector Security® expert now.

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