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Smart Voice Control

Securing your home has never been easier. Integrate your smart home solutions with Alexa, Google Home, or Siri and just ask them to lock your front door, check the status of your security system, record a video clip on any of your security cameras, or control any other part of the Vector Security Smart Home Ecosystem!
Living room with smart devices

Voice Control in Action

With Voice Control, you’ll enjoy complete control of the connected devices in your smart home just by saying the command! This includes arming and disarming your security panel, recording video, turning lights on and off, locking and unlocking your door, adjusting your thermostat, opening and closing your garage door, and more!

Voice Control Features & Benefits

  • Control your security and automation features by voice 
  • Arm your security system with a simple voice command. 
  • Ask Vector Security to make your home the perfect temperature. 
  • Turn lights on and off in any room just by saying it. 
  • Close the garage door without having to hit the button. 
  • Lock your front door just by asking. 

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