Military Policy


Vector Security is proud to serve military personnel and their families for over 40 years. We understand the commitment and sacrifice that your families make every day. Nearly 250 employees of Vector Security are either active or veterans representing all branches of the military including Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, as well as the National Guard and Coast Guard. And we appreciate every family that selects Vector Security to keep their family, home and belongings safe.

As a Vector Security customer, all military and residential customers are required to sign a contract with Vector Security outlining the terms and conditions for installation of the security system, monitoring and other services. The term of the contract could run over a period of several years depending on your service area and type of services. Vector Security is able to offer lower cost installations by taking a financial loss for the initial installation upfront in return for a longer-term agreement over the contract period. This is very standard practice across the security industry and other industries that you may purchase services from, including cell phones and cable/satellite providers. Military families are unique as you may be deployed or re-deployed and your housing situation could change during the life of your contract. If this happens, Vector Security's policy for active duty military is as follows:

  • If you own the home where the security system is installed, have sold this home and can show written proof of the sales agreement on your home along with a copy of your recent PCS orders that require your relocation, we will honor your request to end services and the remaining commitment on your contract. We would ask you to consider moving the security system with Vector Security to your new location if Vector Security services the new location.
  • However, if you own your home where the security system is installed and are planning to keep the home or use it as a rental property, the original contract term and commitment will stay in place and you will be required to fulfill the terms of your contract with Vector Security.
  • Contracts with Vector Security are not subject to the Service Member Civil Relief Act (SCRA). An alarm contract does not fall under the definition of an installment contract defined within the SCRA. As such, the SCRA does not provide the ability to terminate your contract with Vector Security. 

Should you have any questions, please contact your local Vector Security representative for additional details.

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