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Whether you run a family dry cleaner that’s operated for generations, a new boutique opened by two friends, or a coffee shop with a loyal (and growing) clientele, small businesses are the heart and soul of the economy. After all, most medium or large-sized businesses start as a small business.

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At Vector Security, we offer security solutions tailored for businesses of every size. Though your business may be small, it plays an important role in your life and, very likely, your family’s life. It’s your livelihood. And that’s why it’s worth protecting with intelligent security solutions designed to perfectly fit your business, your way of operating it, and your budget.

If your business grows, if your needs change, or if you add locations, Vector Security will grow right along with you. We take small business to heart. We are your security consultants all along the way, helping guide you to the solutions best suited for you in all stages of your business.

Markets Served

Learn more about the small business markets we serve and how our solutions can help your business.

Markets Served

Each Vector Security solution for small business includes quality equipment from some of the best manufacturers in the country, expert installation, and award-winning monitoring by our Monitoring Center operators.

The small business
solutions we offer.

water pipes

Environmental Hazard Monitoring

Be alerted to high levels of carbon monoxide, water pipe bursts or flooding.

Vector Security App

Control all aspects of your security solution with one app.

mounted indoor camera


Check in on your business anytime, anywhere and gain insights that can boost your operations.

cafe with lights on

Energy Management

Control lights and thermostats to help save on energy costs.

Access Control

Give your staff convenient access to their workplace, while protecting your business from theft.

monitoring center

Award-Winning Monitoring

Monitored burglar, fire and carbon monoxide alarms that save you critical time in an emergency.

police car and fire truck

Burglar & Fire Alarms

Audible and visual alarms help save critical time in an emergency.


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