Sales Scams are happening in your area.
What to do and how to report it.

Be aware that sales scams are happening in your area now. In these scams, people claiming to be with Vector Security knock on your door and attempt to gain access to your home and security system by telling you they need to inspect your alarm, change the batteries, or offer you an upgrade or other incentive. 


They may tell you Vector Security has been acquired or has gone out of business. They may even tell you that your contract is expired or that they will buy out your existing contract if you sign a new one. THIS IS FALSE.


If someone approaches you, ask for ID. Vector Security reps always carry proper credentials.


If you encounter suspicious activity, here are some tips:


·       Ask for identification. If you’re still not sure, call our office to verify. 

·       We never show up unannounced for installation or service, including equipment upgrades. 

·       Never give away your personal or financial information without validating the salesperson is from the company they say they are from. 

·       Do not sign any contracts.

·       Some imposters might wear clothing with the Vector Security name or logo. Even so, be sure to ask for ID. Our salespeople are happy to verify who they are. 


Protect yourself and your neighbors, and help stop this unsafe and unethical scheme. Report any suspicious activity.


If the situation escalates, you should also report the incident to your local police department, Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General's office.

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