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Video Surveillance

Check in on your home from anywhere with our video surveillance solutions. With indoor or outdoor cameras, or our smart video doorbell, you can see what is happening in and around your house whether you are home or not.
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Video Surveillance in Action

At Vector Security, we’ll design and install home security cameras that will fit your lifestyle and budget, while helping you keep an eye on your property, inside and out. You’ll know when your kids get home, what your pets are up to and who’s at your front door. And you receive alerts from the Vector Security App when incidents occur. 

Indoor and Outdoor Camera Features & Benefits

  • View live HD video or recorded clips on the Vector Security App from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Watch video from multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • Turn security cameras on or off and adjust views using your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • See and record visitors entering your property using motion-triggered settings. 
  • Keep an eye on pets, kids and seniors in need of care.
  • Receive an email or text message the instant it happens.
  • Access archived clips on a secure site to prevent tampering or accidental deletion so you can refer back at any time.
  • Up to a full 180° view monitors large areas at one time.
  • Two-way audio call with Vector Security App available.

Video Doorbell Camera Features & Benefits

  • See who’s at your door whether or not you are home. 
  • Talk to who’s at your door, from anywhere. 
  • Get doorbell-activated clips sent to your smartphone. 
  • Set motion-activated triggers and have them sent to you.
  • Unlock your door from through the Vector Security App. 
  • Night vision gives you peace of mind even when it’s dark out

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