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Smart & Secure Entryways

You are on your way to where you need to go, but now you can’t recall if you locked the door or closed the garage door. In the Vector Security Smart Home Ecosystem, there’s no need to go back. Lock your doors and close the garage door from anywhere using the Vector Security App.
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Smart & Secure Entryways in Action

With smart locks and smart garage door receivers from Vector Security, you control your entryways from your smartphone. You can open and close them from the Vector Security App and be alerted if they are opened while you are out. You can also set a geo-fence to automatically lock your door and close the garage door as you drive away.

Smart Locks Features & Benefits

  • Unlock your door from your smartphone. 
  • Sync your door locks to your security system. 
  • Set up codes for guests, pet-walkers, or household workers. 
  • Kids can let themselves in using their smartphones. 
  • Eliminate the need for hidden keys under fake rocks. 
  • Get status and activity alerts sent directly to you. 

Smart Garage Door Features & Benefits

  • Secure a primary entry point for criminals 
  • Open or close the garage door remotely 
  • Get a notification if the door is left open 
  • Know when kids enter/exit through the garage 
  • Works with virtually any garage door opener 

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