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You trusted us to protect your current home, now let us protect your new one. If you’re moving, contact us to explore your options. We’re dedicated to continuing to be your provider of choice for intelligent home security and automation solutions.

Let us take the worry out of moving your system.

Moving can be stressful, but when you do move let us know within the first 90 days. We'll give you 50% off professional installation of a FREE Basic Security System in your new home and 15% off award-winning monitoring. We can also ensure your system is moved properly with minimal interruption to your service. So you can rest assured knowing your new home is protected with award-winning monitoring and intelligent home security and automation solutions.

Contact us about your move so we can explore options that are right for you.

Get $100 credit on your new system

Pay it forward! You’ve trusted your home and family to Vector Security. Now, give the family moving in the same peace-of-mind you’ve enjoyed. Enter the name of the buyer of your house and if they become a Vector Security customer, you’ll get and extra $100 credit for your home security system in your new house.

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