Turn Your Home Into an Entertainment Hotspot.

Technology has transformed life at home, helping create environments rich with entertainment options and advanced connectivity to the rest of the world. At Vector Security®, our Home Technologies experts design systems that address the entire home, and your needs. In other words, an intelligent approach to home technology designed to make your life at home more enjoyable and convenient.

Smart Home Technology Wins

Each product we use is determined to provide the highest quality and value, designed to meet your lifestyle and budget. Expert installation and service helps ensure that your system works as you expect.

Our smart home services include:
  • Audio systems with distribution points throughout the home. You can listen to your favorite music in one room while different music plays in another. The systems are pleasing to the eyes as well—neatly concealed with clean, simple interfaces and remote control units.
  • Two-way intercoms help you connect with other parts of the house. With your system you’ll also be able to answer the front door from anywhere in the home or talk to someone in another room.
  • Home theater speaker systems make movies sound larger than life, creating a more immersive entertainment experience. Quality components are built to blend into your environment, and our expert installers will calibrate them to optimize your room’s acoustics.
  • Energy management and home automation technologies from Vector Security® make it easy to control your home’s heating and cooling, outdoor lighting and more. Because you control the timing of the activities, you can save significantly on your energy costs.

Let our experts turn your home into an entertainment hub. Contact a Vector Security® expert today.