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Troubleshooting & Tech Support

How do I know my home security system is working?

How do I request a test from my central station or via the Customer Portal?

Security Contacts & Passcodes

What are the different contact levels?

How do I update my contact list or verbal passcode?

Contracts, Policies & Warranties

Am I under contract? What is the length of my contract?

Why did you automatically renew my contract?

Safety & Security

Why do I need a security system for my business?

Home Safety Tips

False Alarm Reduction

What is a false alarm?

What causes false alarms?

Understanding the Central Station

What's the difference between monitored alarms and local alarms?

What happens when a monitored alarm is triggered?

User Manuals

Where can I find my user manual?

Residential Security Terms

What terms should I be familiar with?

Products & Equipment

Do I need a landline?

Can I add devices to my system myself?

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