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Why do I need a security system for my business?

Statistics show that business without an alarm system are 4.5 times more likely to be targeted for burglary than those with an alarm system. Aside from protection against burglary and robbery, you can protect your business from employee theft, information theft, arson and vandalism with the right security system in place. Vector Security offers a variety of security solutions to protect your business including:

  • Video surveillance - Lets you check in on staff and customers. Video analytics can help improve business operations.
  • Access control - One of the most important aspects of your business security is who has access to your premises. With access control solutions, you can customize credentials and control areas each of your employees can enter. You can also use access control to manage time and attendance.
  • Burglar and fire protection - Detect intruders, safeguard your cash, equipment and inventory from internal and external theft. Fire alarms can help customers and employees evacuate quickly in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, many insurance companies offer lower premiums to businesses that have a security system in place.

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Home Safety Tips

At Vector Security, your safety and security are our top priorities. We pride ourselves on making the community a safer place to live and work by educating people about the basics of safety. On our Home Safety Tips page, we offer a few recommendations for increased safety in your home to complement the protection provided by your Vector Security system.

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Business Security Tips

Businesses are vulnerable to crimes that include burglary, robbery, arson, equipment theft and data theft. On our Business Security Tips page, we offer some additional tips to protect your business, beyond what your Vector Security system can provide.

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