Security Contacts & Passcodes

What are the different contact levels?

Notification only

Central station operators will call these contacts only to advise of alarms and signals from the alarm system. These contacts can receive some account information, such as the zone an alarm is coming in from and whether police have been dispatched. These contacts cannot make any changes to the account or request to cancel dispatch.

Full access to cancel alarms and make changes to call list

These contacts are able to make account changes and receive detailed account information as long as they are able to verify the proper verbal password that is set up on the account. They may also request dispatch, request that no dispatch be made, or request to cancel a dispatch. All requests to cancel dispatch or to not have dispatch made after an alarm require verification of the verbal password.

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How do I update my contact list or verbal passcode?

Contact your local branch. After normal business hours, a central station operator is able to assist in some contact list changes, such as adding, removing, or updating phone numbers. You can reach central station after hours by calling 1-800-937-8268 or 1-800-638-7077. You can also change some contacts and verbal codes using our online Customer Portal. For requests via the Customer Portal, you will need to have an online account. If you don’t already have one, follow these simple instructions.

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How do I reset my keypad/control panel passcode?

You will need to speak with someone at your branch service department during normal office hours.

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Why can't I give you my social security number to verify my identity?

For your protection, your social security number is unavailable to central station operators.

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