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Do I need a landline?

No, we have security systems that use wireless, cellular technology. If you prefer to use a landline, we can still back up your system with wireless technology in the event that your phone service is disrupted.

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Can I add devices to my system myself?

At Vector Security we pride ourselves on our professional installation. Our technicians are careful to use correct wiring and voltage calculations, while ensuring your security system meets building code and local jurisdiction requirements. Cutting corners could leave your home and family vulnerable in an emergency and could also increase incidents of false alarms. Installing your own devices may also void your warranty. For these reason, we do not recommend adding or installing devices on your own.

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Does Vector Security manufacture their own equipment?

As an alarm monitoring service provider, we do not manufacture our own equipment. However, we source and work with some of the best equipment manufactures in the industry to bring you the latest technologies at the best prices available.

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About internet-monitored systems

As the demand for wireless security solutions rises, many consumers are opting for Internet-monitored alarm systems, also known as Internet Protocol or IP monitored systems.

Unlike hardwire monitoring, which communicates your alarm signal to the Monitoring Center via a traditional phone line, IP monitored alarms use your Internet connection to transmit alarm events. While this may be a convenient wireless solution, our experts recommend that you not rely solely on IP monitoring because its reliability depends on your Internet Service Provider (think about how many times you lose Internet connectivity or experience slow download speeds). In addition, if there were a power outage, your Internet would be down, thereby eliminating that communication method for alarms.

If you do choose IP monitoring, we recommend boosting its reliability by using it in conjunction with another communication method, like cellular monitoring or traditional phone line monitoring.

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Where can I learn more about the products included in your home security packages?

To see what the products we use in our packages look like, visit our products page. There's a brief description of each of the products, on our store's solution overview. You will need to complete a brief form to gain access to this information, but you will not be under any obligation to buy at this point. There are also video demonstrations for door locks, thermostats, camera, image sensors and more.

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