Will Your Dog Prevent a Home Robbery

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Will Your Dog Prevent a Home RobberyDogs have long been considered man’s best friend. They stand by our side through thick and thin—but have also been known to make friends with whoever is in possession of treats at the moment.

Should having a dog make you feel safer?

Some justify the purchase of a dog by considering them to be the home’s protector and natural alarm system. But does your dog have what it takes to defend your home and family, prevent a robbery and ward off unwanted guests?

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Preventing Break Ins

Dogs act as a great deterrent.

Criminals look for easy targets—a home that provides a simplistic and undetectable entrance and exit. A dog can be the first line of defense by making your home undesirable.

A “beware of dog” yard sign, coupled with your dog’s stress bark, can be the winning formula to stop criminals in their tracks.

Furthermore, the type of dog you have will increase or decrease how effective they are as a deterrent. The bigger the dog, the bigger the deterrent. This is not to say smaller dogs can’t hold their own; however, would you be more intimidated by a German Shepherd or a Shih Tzu?


Oftentimes, the warning signs of a dog on the property will be enough to deter the criminal; however, this doesn’t work on some thieves. Savvier—or brash—criminals may not be fazed by the presence of a dog, opting to distract them.

In some cases, criminals will bring a large piece of meat or bone to preoccupy the dog while they ransack the house. Others may use force and harm your animal.

When it comes to protecting your home from an intrusion, your dog’s bite may not live up to its bark. With proper and thorough training, you can provide your dog with the skills he or she needs to effectively protect your home.

How to Mold Your Pet Into a Guard Dog

  • Teach him or her basic obedience skills.
  • Establish yourself as the master.
  • Properly socialize the dog so that he or she can identify normal vs. abnormal behavior.
  • Train your dog to cease barking upon command.
  • Walk your dog on the perimeter of your property regularly to establish territory.

Even with training, though, a dog’s protection can only go so far.

Supplement with a Home Security System

If you're set on having your dog be a part of your security plan, consider making his or her job a little easier by also installing a home security system. This way, if a criminal is not discouraged by your ferocious K9, you and your local police will be made immediately aware of the situation.

When it comes down to the wire, if your dog is anything like these cool pooches, you may want to invest in a home security system.

Image Source: Jack Berry via Flickr

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