Home security providers understand your on-the-go lifestyle. That’s why leading vendors offer mobile apps.

These programs sync your smartphone with your smart home security system, allowing you to control the entire system from the palm of your hand.

Complete Convenience and Control

Did you lock your front door before you left for work? Rather than turning around to check, just open your home security app on your smartphone to confirm.

Conveniently control this and other aspects of your home security system from your smartphone. Watch live streams from your surveillance cameras, close your garage door and even activate your house lights—anytime, anywhere.

Home security apps allow users to stay connected to their system and manage all aspects, including:

  • Energy Monitoring
  • Garage door
  • Geo-fencing
  • Image sensors
  • Lights
  • Locks
  • Thermostats
  • Video

These apps allow you to remotely monitor your property and receive notifications every time your security equipment is triggered. For complete control, consider an app that allows you to:

  • View and control the entire system from your smartphone. Know when your alarm is triggered, motion-sensing video recording begins or who’s at your door.
  • Enable notifications so you’re alerted the minute there is a system breach.
  • Receive automatic alerts based on your phone’s location through geofencing. These services send automatic alerts about the status of your system every time your smartphone comes within range of your home.
  • Set passcodes for an extra layer of protection.

Energy Efficiency

Interested in saving money on your energy bills each month?

Many home security apps sync with all of your smart home features, including and air conditioning. Use the app to set a timer, which activates and deactivates the thermostat in your home. You can improve your energy consumption and reduce your utility bill by setting a schedule that works for you.

Get a Home Security App

So how exactly can you get a home security app?

First, you need to install a home security system that offers a mobile app. Then, you can download the tool onto your smartphone and customize the features to your lifestyle.

Vector Security offers a home automation app that keeps users connected 24/7. The app lets you send remote commands and manage basic day-to-day functions across your smart home system as mentioned above.

Contact your vendor to learn how you can experience all the benefits of a home security app.

How do you use your home security app? Share in the comments below.