Why Burglars Target Specific Homes

Based on a survey conducted by the NBC I-Team, 71.9 percent of burglaries are targeted toward homes.

This survey was sent to hundreds of convicted burglars in New York and New Jersey to uncover strategies used for break-ins. Below, we provide key secrets revealed from the survey and how homeowners can ramp up security measures to protect themselves.

Burglars' Secrets Unveiled

Based on results from the I-Team survey, a few startling, but vital, key findings include:

  • Unlocked windows are a goldmine for entryways. Forty-two percent of burglars entered a home through unlocked windows, and 38.6 percent through unlocked doors.
  • The most common place for valuables is the bedroom. Seventy-five percent of thieves look for valuables first in a homeowner’s bedroom.
  • Jewelry and cash are the highest targeted items to steal. When breaking into a home, 84.2 percent of burglars go for cash and 80.7 percent go for jewelry.
  • Alarm systems scare away burglars. If a burglar entered a home that had an alarm system, 42.1 percent would leave immediately.

How to Increase Your Home's Security

So what can you and your loved ones do with the information provided above?

Boost your home security with the following tips:

  • Install alarms or image sensors near windows and doors. If activity is detected, notifications will be sent to you and your monitoring center.
  • Utilize smart lights that trigger based on movement or events. This makes it appear as if someone is active in your home, turning lights on and off themselves—versus on a set schedule. This can also be beneficial if you utilize IP surveillance cameras and notice suspicious activity at your home.
  • Place surveillance cameras in rooms (e.g. the bedroom) where high-valued items, such as cash, jewelry or electronics, are stored.
  • Purchase a residential monitored alarm system if you do not have one already. (This is a piece of actual advice one convicted burglar would give his mom!).

What tips would you recommend to keep your home safe and secure from burglars? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source: Paulsbarlow7