How to Install Home Security Cameras

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How to Install Home Security Cameras

Before burglars can break into your home, they must first scope out the perimeter and find an optimal point of entry. Outdoor surveillance cameras are a proactive solution to stop an intrusion before it begins.

Outdoor security cameras enable you to monitor your property line so that you are always aware of who is on your premises.

Below are some tips on how to install a home security camera.

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Tips for Installing Outdoor Security Cameras

  1. Strategically Place Cameras

    Walk the perimeter of your home and take note of high interest areas. This may include those that are heavily trafficked, contain shrubbery/trees or are points of entry.

    Look to install the security cameras on your home’s exterior that keep them covert but also allow for a wide coverage angle. Tuck them away near doorways, pathways, garages and basement windows. These areas are ideal because they allow you to see who is entering and exiting you home, while also providing a full view of your property.

    The best vendors will consult you on optimal spots for cameras to be placed based on your unique home layout.

  2. Consider Wiring

    Always consider how your wiring will run through the house.

    Often times, you want your wires to enter the house right from the base of the security camera, rather than running along the exterior of your home. This limits the possibility of an intruder cutting the wires and cords.

    In addition, you have the option to either go wireless or hardwired. Remember though, that even if you decide upon a wireless system, you will still need a wire running from your camera to the electrical power source.

    Like camera placement, trained professionals can assist you with this process and provide recommendations on optimal placement.

  3. Pair Cameras with Lighting

    Unless you install a night-vision capable system, cameras are fairly useless in the dark. Pair your system with optimized outdoor lighting to increase your safety and maximize your camera’s potential.

    We recommend motion detection lights that only activate if a sensor is triggered. This technology pairs perfectly with your outdoor video surveillance system. Motion lights let you easily scan through your archived video feeds to see only when the lights were turned on—meaning someone or something entered your property.

Outdoor security cameras extend the reach of your security system and provide a more proactive approach to your home security.

Have you considered installing security cameras at your home? What have been your experiences?

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