More than 90 percent of police responses to burglar alarms turn out to be false alarms, which can be costly for cities and homeowners.

Image sensors can play a vital role in protecting your home in the case of a break-in or fire, as they provide real-time images and automated alerts that help reduce false alarms.

Keep safety personnel on the streets and ensure the security of your home with image sensors.

Benefits of Image Sensors

Image sensors can be great additions to your home security system as they provide 24/7 trigger alerts and real-time visuals of each room where they are installed. Installing image sensors enhances safety and provides the following benefits:

  • Determines alarm legitimacy. Instant images help identify real home threats versus false alarms as soon as sensors are triggered.
  • Sends instant and automatic alerts. Alerts and images are sent to the devices you specify whenever alarms are triggered.
  • Provides versatility. Sensors are small, mobile and can be positioned anywhere at most angles.
  • Operates wirelessly. Image sensors connect wirelessly and constantly update, even during power outages.

Homeowners can customize which rooms they would like to receive image alerts for and request images at any time using their computer or mobile device.

Limit False Alarms

False alarms cost the U.S. about $1.8 billion every year. However, homeowners can be proactive and utilize image sensors to reduce the number of responses to non-emergencies. Avoid false alarm fees and wasting police resources by installing image sensors and identifying real emergencies that require timely responses.

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Image Source: Emilian Robert Vicol