Your home is considered to be the ultimate place of safety, so why leave its security up to chance?

Security system arm/disarm codes ensure entry is only granted to authorized individuals, keeping intruders out.

Outlined below are best practices on selecting and protecting security system arm/disarm codes.

Why You Need an Arm/Disarm Code

Protecting your home is a number-one priority. Code-protected keypads provide peace of mind that your valuable assets are safeguarded. Individuals that do not punch in a code or enter the code incorrectly will be denied access to your home. Alarm systems will also send notice to a monitoring center and yourself, if there is a threat of potential intruders.

Some places to consider installing keypads throughout your home are:

  • Door handles.
  • Garage doors.
  • Home entrances.
  • Internal alarms.

Choose a Secure Arm/Disarm Code

When creating arm/disarm codes for your home security systems, assure they are uncommon and hard for intruders to guess. A few things to keep in mind when selecting arm/disarm codes:

  • Make them easy to remember. Create codes that you and your family will not forget easily. Find information that is exclusive to your family such as favorite animals, or words or phrases that are not known by other people.
  • Do not use information that can be easily accessed by others. Although you want to have codes that are easy to remember, make sure your codes do not correlate with information that can be found by outsiders. People often choose arm/disarm codes that represent birthdays, anniversaries, addresses, etc. This type of information can be accessed by outsiders through the Internet and address books.
  • Use different arm/disarm codes for different systems. Switching up codes throughout your house can prevent multiple security breaches. If an intruder was to break your code, you can avoid granting them access to several areas of your house at once.

Arm/Disarm Code Protection

Once you have chosen your arm/disarm codes, assure they are not lying around for just anyone to find. If you decide to keep a record of your codes (in the event you or a family member forgets), keep them in a secure, private location. Never leave classified information out in the open on desks, tables, countertops, etc. Memorize them if you can!

Also, do not share codes with anyone other than immediate family. The more people that have knowledge to this information, the higher the risk for unwanted access.

Do you have a preferred method when choosing security system arm/disarm codes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.