This article was previously published on June 7, 2016 and updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy. 

A backyard is like having a little private oasis. It’s the perfect place for relaxation and fun, especially during the warmer months. However, like any other part of your home, there are security risks in your backyard, which is why backyard safety is something you shouldn’t overlook.

Burglars are more likely to target entry points through the backyard. Smart home security systems have made it easier to monitor your home and protect your family. Below, we provide some backyard safety and security tips that can help keep your backyard safe year-round.

1. Strategically Place Video Surveillance

Outdoor video surveillance provides backyard monitoring to prevent an intrusion before it happens. It can also help monitor your children’s safety when they are at play. Place cameras to record at-risk locations, and then retrieve footage at any time. Ideal locations include:

  • Basement windows
  • Entrances to your home
  • Garage
  • Pool area

It is important to position cameras where they are covert, yet still able to monitor activity at a wide angle. If you’re on a budget, you want to place cameras that give you the widest possible field-of-view (FOV) of your backyard.

2. Position Sensors at Points of Entry

Sensors can trigger audible alarms to ward off intruders and send alerts to your smartphone to notify you of suspicious activity. Here’s how you can enhance your home’s security with the following sensors:

  • Glass-Break Detectors: These sensors should be placed near glass doors or windows to detect if an intruder has shattered or broken them.
  • Motion Sensors: These sensors should be placed higher up to detect movement and alert you of any intruders or unusual activity.
  • Window and Door Contacts: These sensors should be placed at the base of doors and windows to detect when they are opened and closed.

Make sure to position sensors in places where children, non-threatening moving objects, or pets are least likely to trigger false alarms.

3. Install Smart Lights

Smart lights can enhance your home security system by providing an additional level of security around your house’s exterior. Homes with well-lit entry points and very few hiding places are less likely to be targeted by burglars. Consider these areas when installing smart lights for your backyard.:

  • Above entry points, such as doors
  • Decks
  • Over walkways
  • Patios
  • Pool area

You can also pair smart lights with motion sensors, or program them to turn on and off based on pre-set schedules.

4. Teach Backyard Safety Tips to Family & Children

Along with a security system, there are general backyard safety tips you and your family should follow. For one, you should never leave hazards left unattended in the yard. These include tools, equipment, and chemicals, which are particularly dangerous if children or animals are present. Also be on the lookout for natural hazards, such as hanging branches, thorny bushes, beehives, poisonous plants, etc.

For pool owners, you must establish clear rules for children when entering the pool. They must understand that under no circumstance they should be in the pool without adult supervision. It’s also important the emphasize the dangers of running in the pool area, such as the risk for head or neck injuries.

More sunshine also means more opportunities for bringing out the grill. Few things smell better than an outdoor barbeque. But grills are dangerous, so you shouldn’t ignore grilling safety. For starters, never leave the grill unattended, nor allow any children to operate the grill without your permission. You also want to make sure you’re grilling in an open area at least 10 feet from your home and always have a fire extinguisher on standby in case of an emergency.

5. Take Additional Precautions

There are several other ways to lower the chances of a home break-in. Some ways to secure your yard include:

  • Keeping supplies, such as ladders, garbage cans, and tools, out of sight to avoid assisting an intrusion.
  • Maintaining the landscape to eliminate potential hiding places or access to upper-level windows.
  • Securing windows with locks and coverings to protect your privacy.
  • Installing a fence to make access to your property more difficult.

For more home and backyard safety tips, feel free to contact the security experts at Vector Security today!