In the fast-moving business world, your mobile device gives you the power to stay connected with employees, partners and critical business information, even while on the go.

More than that, your smartphone can grant you real-time access to your security system from anywhere, so you can respond immediately to security threats, such as break-ins or burglaries.

It can be your strongest security tool, but only if you know how to properly leverage its capabilities. Learn the benefits of using your smartphone to enhance business security.

1. Closely Monitor Business Properties

Monitor your business with ease by pairing your smartphone with smart video surveillance cameras. Using the mobile app, you can keep a close eye on your property to: 

  • Flag suspicious activity, such as loitering or theft.
  • Monitor employee behavior at POS terminals to expose fraudulent behavior or theft.
  • Review archived footage to identify perpetrators.
  • Schedule recordings whenever an image sensor is triggered.
  • View live footage to ensure business as usual.

2. Receive Real-Time Threat Alerts

Real-time mobile alerts let you respond immediately to hazardous events, such as burglaries or fires, and dispatch appropriate authorities. Set up mobile notifications for the following events:

3. Manage Your Security System from Anywhere

Mobile business solutions give you the freedom to manage and control your security system from any web-enabled device. Using your mobile device, you have the ability to:

  • Control smart lights and thermostats to lower energy costs.
  • Lock or unlock doors to grant authorized users access to restricted areas.
  • Remotely arm or disarm your security system.
  • View activity reports to see when doors or stockrooms have been accessed.

With the power to control your security system remotely, your phone is a valuable asset to ensure your business is protected against threats.