Businesses must install the right security equipment to ensure the safety of their employees and inventory.

Remote access, or mobile security solutions, allows business owners to monitor and control their security system from anywhere using any web-enabled device, providing around-the-clock protection without having to be onsite.

Below we outline the benefits of remote access and how businesses can use it in conjunction with smart technology to safeguard their assets.

Video Surveillance

With remote access, businesses can monitor their property in real-time and immediately address any issues. Video surveillance allows business owners to stay connected to their operations when they are away.

Business owners can use remote access with video surveillance to:

  • Adjust camera angles. Switch angles using a smartphone or tablet to view different areas from one camera.
  • Keep tabs on employees. Discourage internal theft and verify employees are staying on task.
  • Monitor POS terminals and stockrooms. Identify fraudulent behavior or theft.
  • Receive alerts when video has been recorded. Receive notification when a video recording has been triggered.
  • Record clips when someone enters or exits a door. Ensure employees arrive on time for their shifts, or identify intruders.

Energy Management

Business owners can manage energy consumption using remote access. Controlling smart light and thermostat settings allows businesses to lower electricity bills and conserve energy.

From the convenience of their mobile device, business owners are able to:

  • Control lights and thermostat settings remotely.
  • Receive immediate alerts when settings have changed.
  • Schedule lights and thermostats to sync with business hours.

Monitored Alarm System

Remote access can also assist business owners in detecting threats such as fires, high carbon dioxide levels or intrusion that could otherwise be detrimental to their employees and valuable assets.

Business owners can use remote access with their monitored alarm system to:

Controlling these security features with remote access creates peace of mind for business owners who can stay connected with their business, even when they are away.

Image Source: Christian Hornick