Imagine a tool that allows you to monitor and manage virtually every aspect of your security system online. From employee access reports to archived service tickets, the ability to manage your business’ security 24/7, from anywhere in the world, would ensure maximum security and utilization.

Fortunately for business owners, an alarm management online reporting tool exists. Read on to learn more about the solution and how it can enhance your business security system.

What is Online Reporting?

Online reporting is a feature of an alarm management system that allows for day-to-day monitoring of your company’s security system. This feature streamlines the security system reporting process by organizing data online. Once security system reports are submitted, users can access data through an app on their desktop or mobile device.

With an online reporting tool, users have access to:

  • Exception summaries or reports of instances where system performance deviated.
  • Customized event history to see all system activity.
  • Service history to track maintenance status.
  • History access to track call list and code changes.
  • Open and closed events.
  • Email reports to create and schedule customizable, exception-based reports centered around your needs.

The intent of these features is to help business owners gain insight into their operations as well as to identify areas of improvement within their security system, such as equipment malfunctions or low utilization.

How Can Online Reporting Improve Your Business Security System

Along with the ability to monitor every aspect of your business security system, online reporting has several benefits when it comes to security:

  • Real time feedback: The system is accessible via the Internet, which allows authorized users to complete reports and provide immediate feedback on the situation.
  • 24/7 access: Users don’t have to worry about receiving a weekly update. Reports are available for review at any time.
  • Flexibility: Online reporting gives users the ability to create customized reports and aggregate data as necessary. You can run reports on anything from system performance to service and maintenance history.
  • Remote access: There is no need to forward reports from emails. Online reporting allows users to track the performance of their system from anywhere there is Internet access. In addition, many programs even provide access via mobile devices.
  • Report storage: Users can store report information online for easy access.

Online reporting makes security system management easy and convenient. Contact a trusted security vendor to learn how online reporting can enhance your business’s security system.