Home security system maintenance is vital to ensure all components are working properly. Whether you are changing batteries or conducting an alarm system test, maintenance should be performed regularly.

This post highlights several ways you can maintain your home security system, as well as what to expect when scheduling an appointment with your security vendor.


Have you been experiencing an annoying beep ringing throughout your home? Chances are one of your monitored alarms has a low battery. To remedy, go through your home with a battery tester to check your alarms. If the beeping still hasn’t stopped, try to disarm and rearm your system. If that doesn’t work, then the wiring will need checked.

Also, check the alarm keypad to verify that the beeping is coming from your alarm system. Sometimes, the beeping may actually be from another source not connected to your system, like a local smoke or carbon monoxide detector.


Is the picture from your security camera fuzzy? Does the image appear foggy on your mobile device? It’s probably time to clean off the lens. To do this:

  • Turn off the camera.
  • Use a compressed air can to blow off dirt and dust on the lens.
  • Take a microfiber cloth, and gently wipe the lens clean.
  • Turn the camera back on.

We also recommend checking your camera’s cables to ensure proper connections. Loose cables are usually responsible for a faulty system.


Door and window sensors should also be maintained to ensure your system is working to it’s potential. Check that all sensors are secured and that the adhesive is still effective. Sometimes, the adhesive can lose its strength over time due to humidity, causing the sensor to slip and trigger a false alarm. Cold temperatures can also cause sensors to contract and pull apart just enough to trigger an alarm.

For maximum performance, avoid installing sensors:

  • Under objects that move easily like curtains.
  • Near vents or fans.
  • In areas where children or pets can get to them.

Schedule an Appointment

If you’ve completed your security system checkup, and you’re still experiencing issues, you need to schedule a professional maintenance appointment. To do this you should:

  • Go to the contact us page on the Vector Security website.
  • Select ‘I need to schedule a service call’ from the drop down menu underneath the ‘How may we help you?’ prompt.
  • Type in your zip code and click continue.
  • Enter your account number, first and last name, address and contact information, and specify you need a maintenance appointment.

A representative will then be in contact with you to schedule your appointment. Once a Vector Security expert arrives, be sure to verify their credentials. A legitimate home security professional will be able to present identification. Once this is achieved, you may proceed with the repairs to your home program.

Depending on the issue you’re experiencing, the technician will work with you to troubleshoot the cause of the problem. The scope of the problem will dictate how long they will be onsite and what follow-up activities will be required.

It’s wise to have a professional inspect your home security system once a year. During routine maintenance appointments, our Vector Security experts will:

  • Inspect all equipment, including batteries.
  • Verify all transmitting signals are reaching the monitoring center.
  • Ensure all panic buttons are working properly.
  • Check door and window sensor durability to ensure none are loose.
  • Repair damaged parts that may be malfunctioning and putting security at risk.

How do you maintain your home security system? Share in the comments below.