You wouldn’t allow a random stranger to fix your car—you would vet the best mechanics and auto service companies available. The same should be said for your home security system.

To uphold high home security standards, only allow authorized personnel to install and service devices in your home. But how do you know who’s legitimate?

Security manufacturers, such as, offer a list of authorized dealers that they have vetted. If the product manufacturer has placed confidence in the vendor’s capabilities and reputation, you can too.

Risks Associated With Unauthorized Vendors

Unauthorized personnel may include an ill-equipped security company, a local handyman or, in the worst case, an individual intending to scam your home.

Home devices could be at risk if an intruder gains physical access to the system. Once inside your home, a sketchy vendor could case your property and rig security devices with custom software to achieve access or information later.

Alternatively, while a vendor may not attempt a crime, they may try to con your family into paying through the nose for low-quality service. According to the Federal Trade Commission, some home security and alarm companies “use high-pressure or deceptive sales tactics to get potential customers to buy expensive, and sometimes substandard, systems or equipment they don’t need.”

In either case, these circumstances can be avoided.

Tips To Choose The Best Maintenance Provider

Do your research. Talk with friends and family, and look online, to find a reputable provider in your region. Contact your local consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau to see if your selected provider is known for top-quality service.

Don’t be afraid to compare. Vet reputable companies against one another—from price to product and service offerings. Start with the questions below:

  • Is your company authorized to service all of the manufacturer’s products?
  • Will a third party monitor or service my home system?
  • How are repairs and upgrades handled?
  • Is system maintenance built into my contract or offered as an add-on service?
  • Is regular maintenance standard? If so, how often and to what extent?
  • How should I submit a service request if my system is malfunctioning?
  • How quickly will you be able to get a technician to my home after filing a service request?

Schedule your repair, and ask for identification. Upon arrival at your scheduled appointment, ask the service technician for verification. A legitimate home security professional will be able to present identification associated with your provider. Once this is achieved, you may proceed with the repairs to your home program.

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons