In a recent event in Richmond, VA, Vector Security learned that one of our customers was targeted by two men claiming to be sales representatives with our company. The men asked to look at the customer’s security system for upgrades. The unsuspecting woman obliged and was told she needed to sign another contract for the upgrade. However, during the contract signing, she noticed the agreement was with another company, not Vector Security. She immediately asked the salesmen to leave, but not after already disclosing her personal information, including her alarm passcode.

See the WRIC news story here:

While this particular incident happened in Richmond, situations like this can be more widespread and can occur quite often. Vector Security would like to remind you to take precautions if people claiming they are with Vector Security approach you:

  • Ask for identification. Sales reps from other companies may pose as Vector Security employees in order to gain access to your home and personal information.
  • We never show up unannounced. We always call to schedule an appointment with our customers. If someone shows up unannounced, send them away and contact us.
  • Never give away your personal information without validating the sales rep is from the company they say they are from.
  • Some imposters may even wear clothing with the Vector Security name or logo. Even so, be sure to ask for ID. Our sales reps are happy to verify who they are.

Report any suspicious activity to us at If the situation escalates, you should also report the occurrence to your local police department, Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General's office.

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