High-level security is all about being proactive.

Understand who is on your property, and what they are doing there, so you can more accurately pinpoint, and respond to, suspicious activity.

Enjoy 360-degree security by coupling video surveillance and access control.

Access Control: Know Your Home’s Traffic

Any highly secured location, such as a government building, has entry points protected through intelligent access control. Knowing who is on premise is key to the security of these facilities. The same is true for your home.

Access control panels allow homeowners to see a log of who has entered and when. Individualized codes make it simple to differentiate a family member’s arrival from hired help’s, so you can monitor foot traffic in and out of your home. Remote logs let you keep tabs on visitors, even when you’re not home.

Do you need a plumber to visit, but don't have time to wait? Create a temporary access code with an expiration time for them. Pair this with an arrival notification to your smartphone, and you can log in to monitor the technician remotely via video feeds.

Video Surveillance: Your Surrogate Eyes

Video surveillance solutions keep unwanted visitors at bay by providing a visual view of your property. They are advantageous to homeowners who want to keep an eye on both the inside and outside of their house. Heightened security is achievable by ensuring your home’s perimeter is viewable at all angles.

Having this technology allows you to detect an intruder or suspicious behavior before someone has made his or her way inside. Hear a noise at night? Don’t step outside—just check the video feed. Note that camera placement is important. Best vendors will recommend how to set up cameras to meet your specific needs.

Working Better Together

Alone, these technologies improve visibility of your home’s more vulnerable features, but when paired together, they become even more powerful. Video surveillance and access control form your first layer of home security, stopping intruders from being able to penetrate further. Here’s how:

Perhaps hired help lets someone into your house or your family’s access codes get compromised—video surveillance will provide visual identities of intruders while access logs will inform you of which code let them in. This ensures that the right people are entering, every time.

Even with approved visitors (those with whom you provide an access code), video integration lets you keep an eye on what individuals do once inside.

When used together, access control and video surveillance keep your home protected and in view from all angles. To learn more about the synergies between these two solutions, contact us.

What proactive steps do you take to ensure your home’s safety?

Image source: Jerry via Flickr