Smart Locks

Eliminate your keys and gain freedom. No more fumbling around, worrying about lost keys, or waiting for guests to arrive. Control your locks using your smart device and even set up codes for guests, nannies or household workers.

Always Accessible

Forgot your keys at the office? Or worse…inside the house? It’s happened to everyone at some point. With Vector Security smart lock solutions, you can unlock your door from your smartphone. No more getting locked out.

No Hidden Keys

If you have kids who use keys, you probably have kids who lose keys. And no one feels safe “hiding” keys under the mat, inside the fake stone or in any other predictable place. With a touch on their smartphone, they can let themselves in…or you can let them in, from anywhere.

Remote Entry

Family or old friends drop by unexpectedly? Out of town guests arrive early? Get them inside and go about your day with smart lock solutions from Vector Security.

Get Notifications

You’re running late and already on the road, but you can’t remember if you locked the door. With alerts and notifications sent directly to your smartphone, you can scratch this scenario from your list or worries.

Sync to Your Security System

Lock your door and your system arms. Unlock your door and your system disarms. It really is that simple.

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