How to Protect Your Home Deliveries

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How to Protect Your Home Deliveries

Packages and deliveries are often left during the day while homeowners are out. These easy snags are almost too good to be true for thieves.

Below are tips to protect your package from being taken from your doorstep.

Give Extra Instructions

Specify delivery instructions when you place your order to prevent your package from being left alone.

  • Send your package to a friend, your workplace or a UPS access point for safe keeping until you can bring it home.
  • Require a signature for an item to be delivered. This way you can ensure your package won’t be left alone.
  • Add a comment for special delivery instructions, such as “please leave the package behind the planter.”

Monitor Packages on the Fly

Use tracking numbers and smart home security monitoring to protect your packages.

  • Ask a neighbor to grab your package when you receive a notification or email that an order is at your door.
  • Utilize smart locks to unlock your home and allow a neighbor to put the package in your house. You can then lock the doors behind them. This will keep your house secure and your packages safe inside.
  • Smart doorbells are a great tool for both watching and communicating. See who delivered your package on camera and ask through the speaker system if they can place the delivery in a specific location. (Pro tip: Ensure motion-activated alerts are turned on during expected delivery days, just in case they knock.)
  • Monitor packages with video surveillance if you can’t get the package off your doorstep. Cameras may deter thieves, and you have peace of mind knowing you can keep an eye on your new delivery and capture evidence should a thief strike.

Was Your Package Stolen?

If your preventative measures don’t stop a determined thief, report theft to local police and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. If your package is insured, you should have no problem getting a free replacement or refund for your stolen package. Otherwise, file a complaint with your shipping company and begin a claims process.

What security measures do you enforce to stop packages from being snagged off your porch? Share in the comments below.

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