Home improvement projects present all sorts of benefits to your home. They can modernize an outdated living space, add something extra to your existing property, and increase safety and security. Americans spent nearly $600 billion on home improvement projects in 2021 alone.

Not all home improvement projects have to be months-long endeavors that cost you thousands. If you’ve just moved into a new home or are looking to liven up your space, you may want to update your interior doors for style and safety. What’s even better, you can get the job done in as little as a weekend. Here’s how to update interior doors from the experts at Vector Security.

Modernize Your Doors with Smart Locks

Sometimes you don’t even have to replace your interior doors. Updating the locks can go a long way to improving the safety inside your home. Smart locks are a great option for interior doors because you can conveniently control them from your smartphone through a security app.

With smart locks, you can set passcodes to prevent or limit access to specific areas of your home while you have guests, babysitters, pet-walkers, or contractors over. You can also receive immediate alerts whenever someone opens a door or when a door is left open. There’s even a geofencing option that automatically locks your doors for you whenever you leave your home.

Examine the Purpose of the Room and the Occupants in the House

If you plan on replacing your interior doors entirely or just want to update the locks, you want to carefully examine the areas inside your home you’ll be updating. Adult bedroom and bathroom doors are there primarily to provide privacy, so standard doors or locks shouldn’t be an issue.

However, if you have young children in the home or are expecting to start a family soon, you may want to consider installing doors that do not lock from the inside, particularly for the child’s bedroom or play area. These doors prevent children from getting locked inside, ensuring they are always safe inside these rooms.

Security doors are another option for added protection inside the home. These doors are more expensive and are primarily for areas you don’t want people accessing. These could include a storage closet that contain high-value items, family heirlooms, firearms, sharp weapons, or a private workspace you want to protect.

If you have children and plan to install a security door, always make sure that it’s firmly closed and locked whenever you leave the area. Getting trapped inside without a proper access code or key is a legitimate possibility, especially since these doors are significantly heavier than standard doors, so always be cautious when children are in the home.

Pair Your Doors with a Smart Home Security System

One nice thing about smart locks is you can pair them with security cameras. So when you get a mobile alert of someone entering your home, you can immediately view the entryway and rewind footage if necessary. Video surveillance gives you peace of mind of protection and ensures you’re always ready to act if someone attacks your home.

Whenever updating your home, security should always be top of mind. At Vector Security, we can consult, design, and install smart locks, security cameras, and other security solutions that fit your needs and budget. Feel free to contact us today to learn more.