Airbnb® is an on online marketplace that allows homeowners to rent bedrooms or properties to travelers.

Many homeowners become Airbnb hosts to earn extra income. However, as travelers filter through, homeowners must equip their homes with the appropriate security devices to protect personal belongings and properties.

Below, we provide three safety tips to consider before listing your property on Airbnb.

1. Utilize Smart Locks and Access Control

Keep tabs on who enters or exits your home by installing smart locks. Smart locks can be locked or unlocked remotely to provide access to your home. They can also be used to keep restricted areas, such as bedrooms, medicine or liquor cabinets, and drawers containing valuables, off limits to guests.

Access control is another way to limit who can enter your home. With access control, you can:

  • Assign temporary access codes to guests.
  • Create unique access codes for each individual staying in your home.
  • Receive real-time alerts when a restricted area has been accessed.
  • Grant access to your home without the need for interaction.

2. Install Video Surveillance

Install video surveillance cameras to monitor entry points and restricted areas. Airbnb hosts are required to disclose surveillance devices to guests in their listings and must obey all privacy laws by avoiding areas, such as the bedroom or bathroom. When placed appropriately, cameras may effectively keep your property safer. For example, surveillance cameras can:

  • Create peace of mind for guests. Guests might feel safer knowing that the appropriate security equipment is in place.
  • Deter intruders from targeting your home. Intruders are less likely to target homes equipped with security systems, enhancing guest safety.
  • Gain access to live footage. Hosts can access real-time footage from any surveillance camera with a web-enabled device.
  • Provide visual verification to hosts. Hosts can check in if suspicious activity, such as an intruder lurking around the property, is detected.

3. Mobile Monitoring

Mobile monitoring allows hosts to maintain and control their devices at any time from anywhere. Hosts are able to adjust smart devices using their security provider’s mobile app to enhance comfort and security for guests. Sync your mobile device with smart equipment to keep tabs on your property at all times:

  • Determine who has entered your home and when.
  • Lock or unlock doors for guests without being physically present.
  • Remotely adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.
  • Receive alerts when a restricted area has been accessed.
  • Visually verify what may have triggered an image sensor.

Additional Considerations

Hosts may take additional steps to protect personal assets. Airbnb provides numerous safety tips for hosts to consider before listing their properties:

  • Provide house rules to clarify what guests should expect during their stay.
  • Invest in Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance Program to cover any bodily injuries or property damage claims.
  • Request a security deposit to hedge against property damage.
  • Require guests to provide verified IDs.
  • Review potential guests’ profiles and references.
  • Use Airbnb’s messaging system to communicate with guests prior to their stay.

Note: Airbnb is a registered trademark of Airbnb, Inc. and is not affiliated with Vector Security.