Smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) have enabled homeowners to better control and monitor their homes.

The security devices listed below can send real-time alerts to your mobile device, keeping you, your home and your family safe.

Windows and Doors

Window and door sensors immediately send notifications to your smartphone when triggered. Program notifications for when:

  • A door or window is opened or closed.
  • A door or window is left unlocked.
  • A medicine or liquor cabinet is opened.
  • A window is shattered.

Since doors and windows are two common entry points for burglars, these security notifications alert you of dangers so you can respond promptly.

Video Cameras and Image Sensors

Homeowners can receive visual notifications from home security cameras and image sensors. This enables you to:

  • Confirm when children return home.
  • Ensure pets are behaving.
  • Visually verify what triggered an alarm.

Water and Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Environmental hazard notifications alert you of conditions that can be detrimental to your home and health, and enable you to respond quickly to minimize damage. Receive alerts when environmental hazards are detected; examples include:

  • High levels of water. Water sensors alert you of inadequate draining, loose or broken pipes, or flooding.
  • Toxic levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide sensors allow you to detect this colorless, odorless gas before it threatens your safety.

Lights and Thermostats

Notifications from smart devices can also help you save energy and money. Smart lights and thermostats alert you in the case of:

IoT has granted homeowners the ability to keep tabs on their homes in real-time.