Smart Home Security
for Property Renters

Experience the best, most effective smart home technology with the Vector Security Smart Home Ecosystem. From the time you move in, you will have immediate access to our ecosystem, giving you the safety and convenience of our trusted home security and automation solutions.


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Solutions that fit your lifestyle

With Vector Security, you get more than just home security. More than just home automation. You get a home security ecosystem where all of your smart home devices are designed to work together from a single app. You get smart devices that are backed by professional installation and support, now and into the future. You get a Vector Security Smart Home Ecosystem.

Speak to your property manager to see what’s available for your home or contact Vector Security through the brief form on this page to learn what could be available in your community.

IQ2 Panel
IQ Panel 2 Plus

Control your home with this 7” HD touchscreen panel that includes powerful features such as Live View, Live Answer, Bluetooth Touchless Disarming, and more.







Video Doorbell
Video Doorbell

See who’s at your front door. Have a two-way conversation. Unlock your door. And do it all using the Vector Security App from anywhere and at any time.







Security Door and Window Sensor
Security Door & Window Sensor

Protect your entryway and doors with reliable sensors that blend into the background and alert you to unauthorized access if an issue arises.







Smart Door Lock
Smart Door Lock

No more fumbling around, worrying about lost keys, or waiting for guests to arrive. Control your locks from anywhere using the Vector Security App.







Smart Thermostat
Smart Thermostat

Keep your house the perfect temperature while remaining energy efficient. Create customized schedules or adjust your thermostat all on the Vector Security App.







Smart Light Switch
Smart Light Switch

Control your lights from your phone, and use geofencing to set rules to turn off when you leave and back on again just before you return home.







Motion Detector
Motion Detection

Detect motion up to 30 feet away in light or dark conditions and set it up to trigger alarms or turn on lights. Encrypted signals are sent to your control panel and App.







Flood Detector
Flood Detector
Prevent costly damage to floors and other areas from water leaks that go undetected for too long. Know immediately and quickly address the problem before it's too late.







Voice Control
Voice Control
Control your home security system and home automation features from anywhere in your home using just your voice, including, lights, locks, thermostat, and more.







Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the temperature of my house from my phone?

Yes. You can customize settings for your heating and air conditioning and make changes at any time via your smart phone.

Can I create a personalized code, such as my birthday?

No. Due to safety reasons, the system can only generate random codes.

Can I create a user code from my phone?

Yes. You can create a user code at any time from your phone.

Can I create codes that only last for a couple hours or a day?

Yes. When you create a code, you can select a time frame for the code to work.

Can I eventually control my lights, garage door and other appliances?

Yes. The system works with hundreds of Z-Wave devices such as garage door openers, energy monitors, light switches and motion sensors. More information regarding these options will be available in the near future.

Can I lock and unlock my front door from my phone?

Yes. With the push of a button, you can lock and unlock your door.

Can I set temperature schedules so that when I leave for work, the temperature will automatically change?

Yes. Temperature schedules can be set and changed via your smart phone or desktop computer.

 What happens when an alarm is triggered?

1. An audible alarm sounds, alerting occupants and/or intruders of an emergency. 
2. An event-specific emergency signal is sent to the Vector Security monitoring center. 
3. An operator calls you (or the property manager) to verify the alarm. 
4. If the alarm is real, the operator dispatches help immediately.

Do you offer indoor video?

While Vector Security offers a variety of indoor video options, we have opted not to include indoor video because of privacy concerns. Our solution does include a smart video doorbell camera so your residents can see who’s at the door and you can see maintenance and repair personnel arrive at the property.


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