At Vector Security, your safety is our number one priority. With seasonal hurricanes, blizzards and storms potentially occurring throughout the year, power outages are possible. Rest assured that even during a power outage, our Monitoring Centers are fully functional to provide you with uninterrupted alarm monitoring service.

In the event that you incur a home loss, we recommend you place your system on test until you have a clear timeframe for rebuilding or relocating. To suspend service, please email us at with your request, including your full name and service address. We will suspend your service as soon as we receive your written request.

Please be advised, like you, some of our branch locations in affected areas may have experienced power outages as well. As a result, our service and installation technicians may not be able to reach you immediately. We ask for your patience as we return to full capacity.

You can learn more on our power outage recovery page.

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