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Troubleshooting & Technical Support
  • Why is my system beeping?
  • I would like to set up my mobile app.
  • I am cancelling my phone line. Will this affect my alarm system?
Security Contacts and Passcodes
  • What are the different contact levels?
  • How do I update my contact list?
  • I don't know my keypad passcode. How do I reset it?
Contracts, Policies & Warranties
  • Am I under contract?
  • I'm moving. What's your policy?
  • What is your military policy?
  • What type of warranty/service plan do
    you offer?
Safety & Security
  • Can smart home devices be hacked?
  • Can Central Station reps see into my
    home if I install video?
  • Why do I need a home security system?
  • Are Z-Wave devices secure?
False Alarm Reduction
  • What is a false alarm?
  • What causes false alarms?
  • Why is it important to prevent/reduce
    false alarms?
  • What does Vector Security do to help reduce false alarms?
Understanding the Central Station
  • Will the alarm panel send the signals directly to the police?
  • Why did it take the police so long to respond?
  • My alarm went off, but my phone didn’t ring. Why?
User Manuals
  • Find the user manual for your equipment here
Glossary of Residential Security Terms
  • Learn the meaning of some commonly used security terms
Products & Equipment 
  • Do I need a landline?
  • Can I add devices to my system myself?
  • Does Vector Security manufacture their own equipment?
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