To provide our customers with a secure and high-quality online experience, we are updating our website’s encryption technology on March 16, 2016.

What does this mean for you?

If you haven’t updated your Internet browser (such as Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer) in a while, it’s time to upgrade. A browser is the software your computer uses to surf the Internet.

3 Major Benefits of Using an Up-To-Date Browser

Your new browser will offer improved:

  1. Security. Old browsers still support outdated encryption technology, which puts your devices at risk. Old software is vulnerable to cyber attacks and scams, which could lead to your sensitive information getting leaked, even on secure websites. The latest version of your favorite browser will be the most secure—without bugs or security gaps—as well as offer new features.

  2. Speed. Simply put, every browser’s newest generation is built to be faster and better than the last. Who doesn’t want high-speed Internet?

  3. Compatibility. All of your favorite websites use the latest technology to offer a great online experience. Only the latest browsers support new features, which make web browsing better, faster and (most importantly) safe.

How to Update Your Browser

It’s simple: visit to see if the browser version you’re currently using is up-to-date.

If you’re using the latest version—great! If not, download the latest browser versions on the Vector Security website.

At Vector Security, we are committed to keeping your valuable information secure. Upgrade your browser to a version that supports the latest encryption technology before March 16, 2016. After this date, Vector Security customers using unsupported browsers will receive an error message: “Cannot connect to server.”

CTA: For help on updating your Internet browser, visit the Vector Security website!

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