Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. From our smartphones to the digital personal assistants we use in the office, AI has seen exponential growth in the last few years—especially in the security industry.

According to a report by Market Research Engine, AI in the security segment is projected to surpass $35 billion in 2024.

Many business owners have realized AI’s potential to improve cyber security. To illustrate the immense impact AI has on cyber security, we overview how the two can be paired together to make your business more secure.

What Is AI?

AI is an umbrella term that’s typically used to define a set of technologies like machine learning and natural language generation (NLG). In other words, AI teaches computers to do tasks that are usually done by people.

Although AI can be complex, you don’t need to be an expert on the subject to use it to your advantage. The main idea is AI can analyze massive data sets, identify patterns and gradually improve analyses, predictions and recommendations.

Using AI to Detect Security Threats

The ability to efficiently and accurately analyze massive amounts of data makes AI an excellent tool for detecting security threats. Here are some of the top use cases of AI in security:

  • Detect malicious activity and stop attacks. AI can efficiently analyze business data and identify any potential threats hiding in a company’s system. Through AI, businesses can segment critical risks from routine network activity and identify threats more easily.
  • Enhance current security measures. Security personnel can use insight gained from AI to make changes to the system or combat issues. This could include patching a commonly attacked area of their network, or increasing the monitoring around a specific network.
  • Automate repetitive security tasks. This gives analysts more time to investigate high-priority alerts. Certain AI programs can provide security analysts with full visibility across the business, helping them identify threats easier.

As AI makes its way into homes, it’s important to keep safety at the forefront and use trusted providers. While this new technology is exciting, malfunctions could put your business at risk. Read reviews, work with a professional installer and test materials before buying to ensure that you’re using trusted business security equipment.