If you own an automotive repair shop, you know the immense value on your lot and behind your business’ doors. For a short time, you safeguard one of people’s most prized possessions: their cars. You also house valuable tools, parts and documents that need protecting.

Below, we outline the top five tips to ensure your business is well secured.

1. Monitored Alarms

Utilize an alarm system with 24/7 monitoring to prevent fire, burglary or a carbon monoxide leak from devastating your automotive repair shop. Three layers of protection, including an audible alarm, visual alarm and dispatched authorities ensure your shop is properly protected.

2. Security Cameras

When vehicles are stationed on your lot awaiting repair or pickup, they are vulnerable to theft. Keep an eye on your customer’s cars with outdoor security cameras. Strategically place security cameras with DVR surveillance around your lot to prevent and stop potential theft.

Face cameras toward entrances and other vulnerable areas, such as windows or garages. If there are specific valuables, such as tools or private documents to protect, ensure you have a clear view of those key spots. For best results, have a security expert devise a strategic plan and install your surveillance cameras.

3. Mobile Alerts

Set up mobile alerts so you always know what’s going on at your shop. With mobile alerts, if a fire alarm or security alarm sounds, you will be notified immediately. With your confirmation of a true threat, the proper authorities are dispatched to your shop.

This feature is also useful if you wish to be notified when a safe or stockroom has been accessed, as motion-based alerts sensors can be added to doors or assets.

4. Access Control

If you have multiple employees, consider adding controlled access to the building. Access control utilizes swipe readers, access cards or a variety of other systems to limit who can access your building or specific locations within your shop.

This is an ideal solution if your workforce tends to turn over regularly, lose keys or if you have limited physical keys.

5. Lighting

Lighting is a crucial component of your security system. Install lighting around your lot and near entries to illuminate dark areas. Your lot and shop should be bright enough that surveillance cameras and people passing by can spot trouble. To save on energy bills, use automatic or motion-sensing lights, so they are only on when necessary.  

Is it time to ramp up your auto repair shop security? Contact a security expert today to get started.