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Take back control of managing your single-family rentals with smart home technologies from Vector Security. 


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Take back control of managing your single-family rentals with smart home technologies.

Increase Occupancy and Net Operating Income
According to a recent survey of renters, more than half – 57 percent – are willing to pay more to live in a smart home. In fact, the smart home features people said they value most are doorbell cameras, keyless entry, smart thermostats and a security system.

Improve Operations and Reduce Costs
With our smart home solutions for single-family rentals, you can improve your operations and eliminate the aggravation, time and costs spent on key management and water damage repairs. And your residents will love the reduced maintenance interruptions.


Choose the Vector Security Smart Home Ecosystem
With Vector Security, you and your residents get more than just home security. More than just home automation. You’ll both get a home security ecosystem where all of the smart home devices work together from a single app. You get smart devices that are backed by professional installation and support, now and into the future. You get a Vector Security Smart Home Ecosystem.

Benefits for Your Business

Increased Marketability

Attract residents to your properties, improve resident loyalty, and differentiate from the competition by providing a high-tech amenity that helps boost rental income.







Keyless Access

Going keyless improves operational efficiencies by enabling remote access control so you can track when maintenance personnel enter the home and how long they stay.







Lower Maintenance Costs

Reduce costs associated with key management and prevent costly maintenance projects through increased property awareness and real-time alerts.







Property Automation

20+ property management software integrations & automation workflows, Yardi, RealPage, and more.







Energy Savings

Save up to 16% on heating and 23% on cooling with our smart thermostat. Know when your HVAC is not keeping up with the set point and quickly schedule maintenance.







Flood Detection

Prevent costly damage from water leaks that go undetected for too long. Know immediately and quickly address the problem.







Security Ready

With preinstalled, wireless security and automation devices in each residence, you have the ability to easily add devices for additional revenue streams.







Scalability & Support

The technology we deploy is proven in more than 6 million homes across the U.S., and our dedicated, professional support team is waiting to help.







Products to fit your preferences.
Solutions to fit your lifestyle.

IQ Panel 2 Plus
IQ Panel 2 Plus

Control your home with this 7” HD touchscreen panel that includes powerful features such as Live View, Live Answer, Bluetooth Touchless Disarming, and more.


Video Doorbell
Video Doorbell

See who’s at your front door. Have a two-way conversation. Unlock your door. And do it all using the Vector Security App from anywhere and at any time.


Security Door and Window Sensor
Security Door & Window Sensor

Protect your entryway and doors with reliable sensors that blend into the background and alert you to unauthorized access if an issue arises.


Smart Door Lock
Smart Door Lock

No more fumbling around, worrying about lost keys, or waiting for guests to arrive. Control your locks from anywhere using the Vector Security App.


Smart Thermostat
Smart Thermostat

Keep your house the perfect temperature while remaining energy efficient. Create customized schedules or adjust your thermostat all on the Vector Security App.


Smart Light Switch
Smart Light Switch

Control your lights from your phone, and use geofencing to set rules to turn off when you leave and back on again just before you return home.


Motion Detector
Motion Detection

Detect motion up to 30 feet away in light or dark conditions and set it up to trigger alarms or turn on lights. Encrypted signals are sent to your control panel and App.


Flood Detector
Flood Detector

Prevent costly damage to floors and other areas from water leaks that go undetected for too long. Know immediately and quickly address the problem before it's too late.


Voice Control
Voice Control

Control your home security system and home automation features from anywhere in your home using just your voice, including, lights, locks, thermostat, and more.


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