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Enterprise property solutions that increase operational efficiencies, attract more guests, and keep property owners happy. 


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Increase operational efficiencies, attract more guests, and keep property owners happy.

Increases Operational Efficiency and the Bottom Line
Reduce the hassle, time and money spent on key management by eliminating physical keys. Prevent costly HVAC emergencies by using smart thermostats equipped with analytics-based real-time alerts.

Attracts and Pleases Guests
Offer your guests direct-to-home check-in and allow them to arrive to a pre-heated or pre-cooled home. Attract guests who are looking for the convenient experience that property automation provides.


Keep Owners Happy
Be a more efficient property manager and provide owners with increased asset protection, awareness, and ROI.

Benefits for Your Business

Increased Marketability

80 percent of vacation guests say they would be more likely to complete a reservation for short-term rentals that were equipped with smart home technologies.








Keyless Access

Assign temporary access codes to staff to automate turn days, track vendor access, eliminate guest check-in and check-out, and increase safety by eliminating the risk involved with having old duplicated or lost keys.







Smart Thermostat & HVAC Analytics

Set temperature ranges, save on wear and tear on HVAC system, create automatic schedules for vacant properties, and set temperature limits to increase lifespan of HVAC units and prevent costly damage.







Property Automation

We partner with the largest names in property management software to provide seamless integrations for easy implementation and day-to-day operations as well as automatic processing of property status changes and automation events.







Lower Maintenance Costs

Reduce costs associated with key management and prevent costly maintenance projects through increased property awareness and real-time alerts.







Flood Detection

Prevent costly damage from water leaks that go undetected for too long. Know immediately and quickly address the problem.







Security Ready

With preinstalled, wireless security and automation devices in each residence, you have the ability to easily add devices for additional revenue streams.







Video Cameras

Keep an eye on unoccupied properties and receive alerts if there is unexpected activity. See when guests arrive at occupied properties.







Garage Control

Allow your guests to have remote control over their vacation home’s garage door, so in wet or snowy climates, they are able to drop off their gear or equipment before trekking through the house.







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