Send help quickly with the in-app Panic Button

The in-app Panic Button in your Vector Security app can expedite the dispatch of emergency personnel when help is needed at home.

The in-app Panic Button is now available for free on your Vector Security app and is always available in the Security System card on the home page of the Vector Security app.

Important: While the Vector Security app supports Fire, Medical, Police, and Silent panics, it will only display those that the panel supports remotely. If the panel does not support any panic buttons, the app will by default display a silent panic button. Contact your local branch for more information.

To trigger a panel panic from the Vector Security app:

Vector Security App Trigger Panel Panic 1

In the Security System card, tap Panic to view the types of panic buttons.

Vector Security App Trigger Panel Panic 2

Press and hold the type of panic signal you wish to be triggered.

Vector Security App Trigger Panel Panic 3

You will see a 3 second countdown begin. If you tapped the panic button by mistake, you can tap Cancel. If you want help to be sent immediately, you can tap Send Now. Otherwise, after the 3 second countdown, the panic signal is sent to our central station.

Vector Security App Trigger Panel Panic 4

Tap Close to wait for assistance or Disarm to disarm the panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the panic button is pressed?

When you hold any of the available panic buttons, a signal is sent from the Vector Security app to our central station, communicating the selection. Another signal is sent simultaneously to the panel to register the command and trigger an audible alarm, if applicable.

What if the customer sends a Panic by mistake?

After pressing the Panic button, a new screen pops up with a 3 second countdown and below the countdown is a Disarm button. Tap Disarm to negate the panic signal that was triggered.

Will assistance be sent to the customer's home location or their current geographic location?

Sending a panic from the Panic button on the Vector Security app will send help to the home address of the security panel.

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