Multifamily Security
for Property Managers

With Vector Security Multifamily Security Solutions, your residents live in a wireless home security and automation ecosystem where all of their smart home equipment is professionally installed and designed to work seamlessly together. 


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What are the benefits?


Property managers use an integrated dashboard to control costs and create efficiencies with strategic and scalable solutions that make sense for your community. And unlike most other multifamily offerings, your communities receive end-to-end security with common area access control and cameras as well as fire protection for the entire property.

Increased Marketability

Attract residents to your community, improve resident loyalty, and differentiate from the competition by providing a high-tech amenity that helps boost rental income.







Keyless Access

Going keyless improves operational efficiencies by enabling automatic access control so you can track when staff and vendors enter, and how long they stay.







Property Automation

Your time is valuable, so take advantage of 20+ property management software integrations & automation workflows, Yardi, RealPage, and more.







Energy Savings

Save up to 16% on heating and 23% on cooling with our smart thermostat. Know when your HVAC is not keeping up with the set point and quickly schedule maintenance.







Flood Detection

Prevent costly damage from water leaks that go undetected for too long. Know immediately and quickly address the problem before it becomes a bigger problem.







Security Ready

With preinstalled, wireless security and automation devices in each residence, you have the ability to easily add devices for additional revenue stream.







End-to-end protection for multifamily communities.


Front door and common area access control systems for your entire multifamily property.

Community Cameras

Improve the safety and security for your residents and keep an eye on all common areas of your community.


Keep your community safe with 24/7 monitored fire protection on all your buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when an alarm is triggered?

1. An audible alarm sounds, alerting occupants and/or intruders of an emergency. 
2. An event-specific emergency signal is sent to the Vector Security monitoring center. 
3. An operator calls the resident (or you) to verify the alarm. 
4. If the alarm is real, the operator dispatches help immediately.

Do I need new locks when a new resident moves in?

Absolutely not! You simply deactivate the old codes and activate and assign new ones. No need to pay for new locks to be installed.

Do you offer indoor video?

While Vector Security offers a variety of indoor video options, we have opted not to include indoor video because of privacy concerns. Our solution does include a smart video doorbell camera so your residents can see who’s at the door and you can see maintenance and repair personnel arrive at the property.

How does a Vector Security smart home security system save me money?

With smart home technology installed, your property is differentiated from others on the market, making it more marketable. Depending on what solution you choose, you will benefit from improved operational efficiencies and lower operational expenses. Also, smart home technologies improve resident retention. 
A keyless entry saves costs associated with re-keying when keys are lost or when you have new residents, and you can let maintenance or repair personnel in from your smartphone, from anywhere. No need for you to be on site. No need for them to get keys from somewhere else, driving up labor costs. 
Your property becomes more energy efficient when you and your residents can control or set the thermostat and lights from anywhere using the Vector Security App.
Our flood detection solution lets you know immediately if a water leak happens, minimizing the cost and inconvenience of repair. 

On average how much savings will I see from a smart thermostat?

If rules and schedules are set up, savings of 8-10% in heating and air conditioning costs are typical. We have seen savings up to 16% on heating and 23% on cooling.

What happens if a water detector goes off?

Your system will automatically provide early detection notifications through email/text and on the online property management dashboard.


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