medical alert necklace

Medical Alert Necklace

The Medical Alert Necklace is designed for a user to push the button for help at any time. It can also automatically activate an emergency alarm if it detects a fall in the event that the user is unable to trigger an alarm by pressing the button. See General Information for more on this feature. 

Tech specs.


Dimensions: 2.32”H x 1.67”W x .75”D Oval 
Available Colors: White
Button Function: Press=Activate, Release=Restore 
Supervisory Signals: sent every hour. 
Transmitter Frequency: 319.5 MHz 
Water Resistant: Rated IP45, protected from low pressure water jets in any direction. 
Battery: 3V CR2477 (x1). Typical battery life of 2 years with an average of one activation per day. 

General Information

Fall sensors do not detect 100% of falls. If you are able to do so, you should always press the button if you need help. Do not activate the fall sensor twice within a 10-second interval.

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