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On behalf of San-Sofia Luxury Apartments, welcome to your Vector Security Smart Home. On this page, you’ll learn about the features of your Smart Home and how they work together within the same ecosystem.   

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Download the Vector Security App from the App Store or Google Play then download the Getting Started PDF for instructions in connecting your account to the Vector Security App.

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Smart Home Hub

The Smart Home Hub features new technologies that improve range, reliability, and performance! With benefits like enhanced connectivity, faster home automation, and cutting-edge communication protocols, the Smart Home Hub keeps all of your smart home devices connected and delivering the convenience you deserve.



Smart Locks

With Smart Locks from Vector Security, you control your front door lock from the Vector Security App. You’ll get reminders if the door is left unlocked, and you’ll see who just unlocked or locked a door. You can even let in a visitor or a contractor without having to be there. It’s a smarter way to control access to your home.


Smart Thermostat

The Vector Security App makes your thermostat smart. Automatically lower the temperature when the system is armed and you’re away. Adjust thermostat settings based on real-time local weather, saving energy and money. Get a notification if the thermostat setting is adjusted, or if the temperature in your home gets too high or too low. Or even prevent the thermostat from being adjusted by others.


Smart Lights

Turn your lights on and off from anywhere with the Vector Security app, or set a lighting schedule to look like you’re home, even when you’re not. Save money on energy bills by managing the use of your lights, set a “geo-fence” to turn lights on or off as you come or go, and sync with other automation features in your smart home.

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