Video Verification Stops Crime In Progress

When a business in Ohio was having theft problems and had $50,000 in scrap copper taken from one of their sites, they contacted Vector Security to install real-time video surveillance in their second location. Four days later, the thieves attempted to steal from this location, but our video surveillance solution caught them in the act. See the actual footage on the right.

Video Verification of Suspect – 20:35 – This is the first clip that the Operator saw from a camera in Zone 1. The police were dispatched at 20:36. The Vector Security Monitoring Center operator advised police that we had video verification and there was a man in a striped shirt on scene. The operator then notified the contact who advised that he would be responding in 30 minutes.

Police Arrive – 20:46 – This was the second clip the operator saw from Zone 3 at the site. You can see the two suspects walking and then they notice the police car pulling up! 

Police Leave with Bad Guys – 20:54 – This was the last clip the operator saw from Zone 3. Three police cars pulling away with the bad guys in the back of one of them.

How it works

Motion activates the integrated night vision camera and sends a 10-second video of what tripped the sensor to our 24/7 monitoring center and on to the site manager or property owner. After seeing that the video has captured a real incident and not, say, an animal on the premises, operators dispatch police to a verified “crime in progress” instead of a standard alarm.

The owner has since purchased three systems for the first, larger location.


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