Owner gives police ‘play by play’ on truck’s location

When Pam Brown, owner of B&B Drain & Sewer Services in Mansfield, OH, learned one of the company’s trucks – along with $20,000 worth of equipment – had been stolen, she knew exactly what to do…she called the police and then immediately began tracking the truck’s location with the fleet tracking system she had installed from Vector Security.

Using the GPS, she was able to give authorities the exact location of the vehicle, including turn-by-turn directions and even the speed at which the truck was traveling. As a result, the truck and equipment were recovered within 30 minutes of the theft. The suspect was apprehended as well.

“Had we not been able to locate the truck and the equipment, our business would have suffered a $35,000 loss,” Pam said.

Vector Security’s fleet tracking solution not only lets customers know the exact location of their vehicles, it also provides a host of information including stop reports, travel and idle reports, and even pending maintenance alerts.

Pam indicated she is very satisfied with the service and would recommend it to others. B&B Drain currently has the solution installed on their entire fleet of trucks. In addition, the Browns have relied on Vector Security to protect their home and their other business location since 2008.

“I don’t make a move without Vector Security,” Pam said. “We trust them and have been very happy with their residential and business security services overall.”

About Vector Security
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