Technical Service Partners

Technical Service Partners (TSPs) Bring Security Industry Expertise to You.

At Vector Security® we take as much care in choosing our external partners as we do in choosing our own employees. And we take as much pride in the work they do for our customers.

Vector Security Technical Service Partners (TSPs) is a coast-to-coast North American network of more than 500 knowledgeable, skilled professionals specializing in installation and addressing ongoing service requirements. Each TSP goes through a rigorous vetting process to determine proficiency, history and background. Once a TSP is invited to contract with us, they are closely monitored, with careful follow up on each project.

TSPs have become an important and integral part of the solutions and service we provide our National Account retail customers. Each TSP has access to the TSP Portal, an interactive website that allows the provider to print a service ticket, take systems online and offline for testing and add comments to jobs.

Vector Security continues to maintain excellent relationships with our TSPs, with an average tenure of service over 10 years. This is a source of pride for us, and a promise of performance to you, our customer.

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