The Suffolk County Police Department recently passed an ordinance that requires all alarm owners to register their alarm system with the County. Currently, the registration fee is $50 for residences and $100 for businesses, with a 50% proposed reduction for yearly renewal.

You must register your alarm system by June 1, 2016 in order to avoid penalties.

The ordinance was created by the Suffolk County Police Department in an effort to reduce false alarms and to increase public safety by helping ensure that valuable time and resources are reserved for real emergencies. In 2015, the Suffolk County Police Department responded to 97,000 false alarms, which diverted officers and resources from responding to actual emergencies.

The new law follows hundreds of municipalities across the country that have effectively reduced false alarms by implementing alarm registration ordinances. While Vector Security supports false alarm reduction efforts, the registration requirement is not a fee increase by our company; rather, it is a mandate by the County.

Helpful Links

Here are some links for more details on the new law, as well as a link to the alarm registration form. Registration can be done online, by mail or in person directly with the Suffolk County Police Department, but must be completed by June 1, 2016 to avoid penalties.

Alarm Registration Form


Suffolk County Police Department Website

If you have further questions, contact the Suffolk County Police Department at 631-852-5276.