Porch lights are a useful security tool to have in your arsenal. They give you a clear view of your backyard whenever someone or something enters during the night and can deter would-be burglars. If you already have outside lights, you’ve probably asked yourself; “should I leave my porch light on at night?”

Leaving your porch lights on all night can add to your electric bill. Not to mention, they can become an annoyance for people in your home while they’re trying to sleep, as well as neighbors in direct view of the lights. So, is it worth leaving them on all night? Continue reading to learn more.

When to Keep Porch Lights On

There are a few scenarios where leaving your porch light on at night is a good idea. One such case is when you leave the house and won’t be back until late in the evening. Likewise, if you have children and expect them home late, it’s a good idea to leave your outside lights on until they’re home. Just remember to turn them off whenever everybody gets back.

Another scenario is whenever you leave for the weekend or an extended vacation. Leaving your outside lights on at night can give the illusion that someone is home, and help neighbors keep watch of your property.

However, leaving your lights on all day and night can be a clear indicator that nobody is at the property, which works against you. That is why we recommend investing in smart lights with automated timers that you can control from anywhere, so you can always maintain the illusion that someone is present inside your home.

Why Motion Sensor Lights Are More Effective

Want to make sure your porch lights come on whenever needed? Motion sensors are an effective solution. One thing that will catch a burglar off guard is a bright light suddenly flashing in their face. The motion-activated lights can also scare off wild animals that wander into your backyard.

When the lights are triggered, that gives you a clear sign to check your yard for any dangers. Sometimes a falling branch or piece of floating trash might trigger the sensor. But it’s always a good idea to check.

If you’re away from your home, you can also receive immediate alerts sent to your smartphone whenever the sensors are triggered. Another benefit is you don’t have to worry about leaving your lights on or turning them off whenever you get home.

Pair Your Motion Sensor Lights with Security Cameras

Smart home security cameras give you a clear line of sight of your backyard and the rest of your home, which you can access from your smartphone or other IoT device from anywhere and at any time. Coupled with motion sensors, you are prepared to address the security concerns of backyard, as well as the rest of your house, whether you are at home, at work, or across the world.

Talk full control of your home’s security by talking to the experts at Vector Security. We can discuss the best solutions to better protect your home and family and what you can to always stay one step ahead of thieves and criminals.